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Mezzanine Storage Systems

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Turn Your Unused Space Into Storage!

  • In today’s competitive business environment, there are a lot of options and systems available to businesses looking for ways to more effectively utilize space, streamline production and material handling, and increase efficiency in operations.
  • However the best alternative today to gain the additional space needed is the mezzanine system which has stood the test of time for stability, durability and cost savings for 24 years… Lyon Mezzanine Systems.
  • In order to achieve maximum utility from space, the specific dimensions, requirements and work flow through the space must be carefully analyzed.
  • Lyon mezzanines are custom designed specifically for the area, height, load and production flow requirements of each individual facility based on the results of a detailed site analysis.
  • In addition, the design of a Lyon mezzanine system can allow further expansion to accommodate future growth.
Lyon mezzanines create functional work space for a variety of applications, including expanded twolevel offices, better organizational storage areas, dual-level trade show structures, inventory and pick-up systems, and ergonomically-designed work “cells” or stations for more efficient flow. Even more complex designs, such as large scale assembly areas, employee locker rooms and cafeterias, can be created within the walls of your existing facility.


·  Enclosed tool crib & upper level storage

·  Cafeteria & lounge area above, with office below

·  Lower picking area & parts storage above

·  Vertical lift area for large loads

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