• BSRw_SolidDecking

      Designed for the hand-loading of intermediate weight bulky items, this versatile rack system can be used in hundreds of storage applications. In addition to storing cartoned merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, it can be used for display racking in furniture and department stores, for storage of medical and dietary supplies in hospitals and more. And, Lyon bulk storage rack integrates with Lyon 8000 Series shelving for a complete storage system. Heavy-duty 14-gauge steel beams included.

  • 64242upright
  • 65454

      Capacities are based on evenly distributed static load, with beams joined by correct number of front-to-hack supports and no allowance for shock or uneven loading. Load is limited to support capacity of beams and upright assemblies.

  • wireRackchannelSupport

    Rivet Rack


    This standard wire decking is manufactured with 4-Ga. wire 2" x 4" mesh. It meets fire code standards and features easy drop in installation, improved inventory visibility, enhanced sprinkler system effectiveness and durable baked on enamel finish.

  • 72XXXBasicRack

    • Each rack will require 4 uprights, 2 width beams per level, 2 depth beams per level. Beams wider than 60" also require center supports.
    • All units utilizing single rivet beams require double rivet beams on both the top and bottom levels.

  • 73000R+7390

    Store up to 80 record storage boxes per unit with fast, easy access to every level. Assembly couldn’t be easier, no tools required! Choose from three configurations. Record storage boxes are available separately.

    • Basic Rack
      Includes 14-gauge medium duty beams, uprights, and center supports as required.
    • Basic Rack with Support Rails
      Includes steel support rails to guide and support record storage boxes.
    • Basic Rack with Particle Board Decking
      Includes 5/8" thick particle board to provide sturdy support for record storage boxes or other storage needs.
    • Record Storage and Add-on Sections
      Starter uprights are 14 ga. angle posts for use as stand alone sections or at the ends of rows of two or more sections.
    • Add-on uprights are 14 ga. T-posts for use as intermediate posts in multiple section rows.

  • Pallet Rack Install 1
  • 3710+3711

    Store long items with maximum efficiency. Great for steel, iron, aluminum, wood, plastic tubes and other materials that are awkward to store on shelving or conventional racking.

    • All models feature heavy duty arms with 450 lb. capacity (6000 lbs. per upright maximum) that can be adjusted every 1 1/2", with spacing as close as 7 1/2".
    • Extra arms and accessories available.
    • Join multiple racks to create storage for any length item.

  • Cantilever Rack


    Store bulky, irregular, long and odd-shaped items at low cost. Achieve maximum utilization of warehouse cube without front posts or columns to restrict horizontal space. Handle hard-to-store items, including appliances, building materials, fabrics, flooring, furniture, steel, pipe and other items, with ease. Wide, open rows allow proper load support and easy access.

    • All are 72" wide from center post to center post.
    • Choose single or double faced models in regular or heavy duty strengths.
    • Arms are adjustable on 3" centers, and are available in lengths from 18" to 48".

  • mezz1

    Turn Your Unused Space Into Storage!

    • In today’s competitive business environment, there are a lot of options and systems available to businesses looking for ways to more effectively utilize space, streamline production and material handling, and increase efficiency in operations.
    • However the best alternative today to gain the additional space needed is the mezzanine system which has stood the test of time for stability, durability and cost savings for 24 years… Lyon Mezzanine Systems.
    • In order to achieve maximum utility from space, the specific dimensions, requirements and work flow through the space must be carefully analyzed.
    • Lyon mezzanines are custom designed specifically for the area, height, load and production flow requirements of each individual facility based on the results of a detailed site analysis.
    • In addition, the design of a Lyon mezzanine system can allow further expansion to accommodate future growth.
    Lyon mezzanines create functional work space for a variety of applications, including expanded twolevel offices, better organizational storage areas, dual-level trade show structures, inventory and pick-up systems, and ergonomically-designed work “cells” or stations for more efficient flow. Even more complex designs, such as large scale assembly areas, employee locker rooms and cafeterias, can be created within the walls of your existing facility.