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8000 Series Industrial Shelving

8000 Series Industrial Shelving

    Lyon 8000 Series Industrial Shelving is based on the T-Post Upright, with various options for shelves. Choose from 18, 20, or 22-gauge Box “W” shelves, 18-gauge flanged shelves, or specialty shelves such as galvanized, open wire and others. A complete breakdown of the individual components. You will find pre-engineered sections, both open and closed, that will fit your shelving requirements exactly.

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8000 Series 36" Wide Open/Closed Shelving


The Industry Standard, Nationwide!

  • High visibility - ideal for storing packaged stock, and other material without assigned shelf locations.
  • Lapped and welded shelf corners provide added strength and durability.
  • All pre-engineered sections are 36" wide, 84" high, with shelves adjustable on 1 1/2" centers.
  • Meet varying capacity requirements by assembling mixed or matched sections of the same depth and height.

    Lyon Shelf Clips
    Quickly lock into place, on either side of uprights. Disengages easily to re-position shelves, no tools needed.

    T-Post Uprights
    Patented design, formed of tough, ...

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8000 Series 42" & 48" Wide Shelving


Wider for Greater Storage flexibility

  • Greater lateral clearance yields more shelf space for long, unwieldy items and offers more flexibility for storing packaged stock.
  • Both 42" and 48" wide sections integrate with comparable 36" wide 8000 series units, and with each other.
  • Features Lyon T-Post Uprights and “Box W” shelf design.

    T-Post Uprights
    Patented design, formed of tough, durable hot-rolled steel affords easy shelf adjustments on 1 1/2" centers using Lyon shelf clips.
    Maximum load capacity: up to 720 lb. per ...
8000 Galvanized Open

8000 Series Galvanized Shelving


For Long Life In Harsh Environments!

Complementing The Industry Standard in Shelving!

Lyon’s industry best 8000 Series shelving now is pre-engineered with galvanized shelves and painted uprights.

  • Galvanized shelving delivers exceptional value and long life in harsh environments.
  • Ideal in areas subject to high humidity or salt air, in unheated warehouses.
  • Also, for storing solvents, cleaning agents, oily or greasy parts and many other uses.
  • Sections are 36" wide x 84" high, with a choice of three depths.
  • ...

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8038SWS w_props (5-shelf)

8000 Series Wire Shelving


Maximize Circulation and Visibility!

Lyon’s 8000 Series shelving selections now include 36" and 48" wide sections with open wire shelves!

  • Wire shelf shelving maximizes air circulation, allows increased visibility, deters dust and dirt build-up, and provides for enhanced fire safety by allowing more sprinkler access through shelves from top to bottom.
  • All sections are 84" high, with a choice of two depths.
  • Shelves are adjustable on 1 1/2" centers.

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8000 Series 36" Wide Counter Shelving


Heaviest Counter Top In the Industry!

Reinforced 14 Gauge Steel

  • Each section, 36" wide and 39" high, features a rugged steel counter top to provide a practical, useful work-surface.
  • Construction and design features are identical to 8000 Series shelving on preceding pages.
  • Open counter shelving is ideal for packing, assembly and inspection work, where bin openings are not required.
  • Closed-counter design offers barrier-separations for partitioning off areas, plus concealed storage under the top.
  • Excellent for tool rooms, repair shops, auto ...

Steel Mounting Panel


8000 Series Swinging Doors

Transform your closed shelving sections into a lockable storage cabinet.

  • Designed for shelving sections 36" wide x 84" high. (Will not work with beaded post uprights.)
  • Mounts directly to uprights in three places.
  • Right-hand swinging door has chrome-plated handle, and a built-in key lock for extra security.

8000 Series Shelving Accessories


36" Wide Drawers in Shelving


Modular Drawers For 36" Wide Shelving...

  • Increase storage density within 18" or 24" deep Lyon shelving sections with high density Lyon modular drawers for shelving to combine storage of bulky items and packaged stock with small parts, tools, and supplies.
  • Modular drawers operate on smooth rolling ball-bearing suspension, which supports loads up to 400 lbs. per drawer.
  • Each drawer features full length roll-formed steel handles with 1 1/4" label holders.
  • Existing Lyon 36" wide shelving can be retrofitted with modular drawers.
  • For single drawer installations, simply order No. 8901 Clips.
  • For multiple drawer installations, you ...

Pre-Engineered 36" Wide Bin Shelving


Get as many as 38 compartments, and all dividers can be adjusted to further customize the bin sizes!

  • Lyon Steel Bin Shelving is ideal where materials are stored in assigned locations.
  • In a typical installation, each item in inventory is assigned to a specific bin opening, enabling workers to find and pick parts from stock more quickly.
  • Shelf dividers are individually adjustable side-to-side on 3" centers.
  • Dividers can be removed or additional dividers added when your storage needs change.
  • All units are 84" high.

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48"w Closed Section

Stand Alone Offset Angle Shelving

  • Sturdy construction and easy installation make offset angle shelving ideal for applications calling for stand-alone sections.
  • Thirteen-gauge uprights, with medium gauge on 36" “Box W” shelves and heavy gauge on 48" “Box W” shelves, deliver capacities up to 600 lbs. per shelf .
  • Open sections are great for cartoned or packaged stock providing high visibility.
  • Closed sections can serve as room dividers and offer protection from dust and sunlight.
  • Shelves adjust on 1 1/2" centers using Lyon shelf clips (nut and bolt top and bottom shelves for easy movement of empty sections).
  • Application : Commercial office, light industrial. Individual, stand alone sections.

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