• 5002-3

    Standard duty steel lockers for schools, hospitals institutions and industry.

  • HeavyDuty-SingleTier-3

    • Lockbars feature latching fingers that engage 12-gauge door jambs for maximum security 
    • The door frames are formed by overlapping and welding the junction between the horizontal and vertical members to form a rigid unitized structure that fully frames the door 
    • Standard hinges are full loop design and provide more strength than larger butt type hinges 
    • Full loop hinges are inserted through slots in the door and frame to maintain alignment and increase strength 
    • Door frames include integral full height 16-gauge door strikes to reinforce door edges 
    • One piece doors formed from 14-gauge prime, high grade class 1 steel 
    • Three latch points on single tier doors and two on double and triple tier doors 
    • One piece recessed handle pockets add strength to the handle area and eliminate the vulnerable seams of formed handles 
    • Soft rubber bumpers, at door jamb locations, cushion door slams

  • UGRHNS5062-3H

    Standard steel lockers finished in an advanced powder coating technology that inhibits mold, bacterial and odor build-up on locker surfaces, as well as the touch transfer of microbes on lockers.

  • HeavyDutyVent-SingleTier-1

    Durable steel lockers, with maximum ventilation, for higher abuse school and industrial environments.

  • AllWelded-SingleTier-3

    High strength steel lockers with welded construction for maximum strength in school and industrial environments.

  • Image 2 Come

    Heavy duty oversized steel lockers with diamond perforated front and sides for maximum storage and ventilation for bulky athletic gear.

  • Command Locker SIngle

    Heavy duty military gear steel locker with open face and two lockable storage compartments.

  • 1100TA50_closed_1

    Heavy duty military gear steel locker for maximum security, ventilation and storage.

  • Valor Police Locker

    This heavy duty steel law enforce­ment locker is designed to meet all of the customer’s specifications. This means America’s Finest designs the perfect locker solution and Lyon, America’s finest locker company, makes their Locker Solution!

  • 6408W

    Exchange Master® lockers offer a highly effective security system for the storage of uniforms, linens, protective clothing, personal items, tools, etc. Up to 16 people can have the security of individual locker compartments, yet a uniform/linen supplier or supervisor can open the master door for servicing.

  • 5420

    ADA compliant lockers, Cubbie lockers for kids, Designer Line, 2-person and duplex lockers, Food industry lockers and more…

  • 5786bench

    A complete line of benches for locker and break rooms.

  • 5829

    Lyon number plates and a complete line of accessories for all Lyon lockers.